The tyre Michelin CrossClimate: the revolution for summer tyres and winter tyres.

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The tyre CrossClimate is the latest innovation from Michelin. It's the first summer tyre certified for winter use (3PMSF)

A Michelin Crossclimate tyre

The Michelin CrossClimate tyre key figures

  • 7: the number of countries where the tyre has been tested (Germany, Canada, Spain, Finland, France, Poland and Sweden).
  • 63: the number of month between the design and the presentation of the tyre Michelin CrossClimate 2nd mars 2015. The development of the tyre only took 3 years while normally it takes 4 years and 8 month (1,5 times faster).
  • 70: the temperature range in Celsius degrees during the tests. The outdoor temperature range: -30° to +40°C.
  • 150: the number of experts and engineers who have worked on the design, the tests, the industrialisation and the manufacturing.
  • + than 1000: the number of laboratory tests conducted on materials, the tread and the design.
  • 5 millions: the number of kilometers carried out during the dynamic tests, wear tests and endurance tests. This distance is equivalent to traveling around the earth 125 times.

The tread design of the Michelin Crossclimate tyre

The design strategy of the tyre Michelin CrossClimate

To design this innovative tyre and optimise the development of the CrossClimate, Michelin have sought to better understand driver behavior.


Unexpected weather changes, rain, snow and temperature drops are part of everyday life for motorists. Currently available solutions and motorist behaviors are not fully resolving the issue. Studies conducted or commissioned by Michelin have shown that:

  • Between 3% in Germany and 7% in France of motorists use their winter tyres throughout the year which adversely affects both dry braking, especially in hot weather, and fuel consumption.
  • Changing tyres with the seasons is an inconvenience for four in ten European motorists. They avoid doing so for as long as possible (Source: Ipsos 2014/2015 survey on tire purchasing behavior).
  • 65% of European motorist keep their summer tyres all year round, thereby endanger the safety in cold weather, in the event of snow-covered or icy roads. 20 % in Germany where regulations require special equipment in winter conditions, and 76 % in France, where there are no regulatory requirements (Source: GfK European consumer survey)


The innovation of this new Michelin tyre enables to link the types of use and advanced technology. €640 millions are invested in its Research and Development program. Michelin conducts 75 000 tests with consumers around the world and surveys approximately 11 000 tyre buyers.

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