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Dunlop SP 4 All Season
SP 4 All Season
  • Safety : 2 / 5
  • Comfort : 4 / 5
  • Economy : 2 / 5
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Dunlop SP 4 All Season

  • All-season tyre for cars. 
  • Grip in all weathers.
  • Stability at high speed.

Description of the Dunlop SP 4 All Season tyre

An all-season tyre, the Dunlop SP 4 All Season tyre is the ideal solution for regions where the winter is mild.

The Dunlop SP 4 AllSeason is an M+S tyre (Mud+Snow) with the snowflake guaranteeing its performance in winter conditions.

Drive. Excellent high-speed stability and hardwearing because of a jointless nylon bandage that minimizes tyre deformation at high speeds and reduces wear.

Safety. Rapid water drainage and resistance to aquaplaning thanks to the V-shaped directional tread with wide longitudinal and lateral grooves.

Traction. The tyre's sipes provide good grip during acceleration and braking on the snow, slush and ice.

Winter. The silica-enriched compound allows enhanced grip on wet roads and snow. The tyre is effective in a wide range of temperatures, combining the characteristics of winter and summer tyres.

Technical specs for the Dunlop SP 4 All Season tyre

  • Type of vehicle: Car
  • Tyre range: Economy
  • Season: All season
  • Green tyre: No
  • Wheel diameters: 10’’, 13’’, 14’’, 15’’, 16’’
  • Speed rating: S, T, H, V

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