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Goodyear DuraGrip
  • Safety : 3 / 5
  • Comfort : 5 / 5
  • Economy : 4 / 5
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Last update 01/01/18 official labelling

Goodyear DuraGrip

  • Summer tyre for small city cars.
  • Increased mileage.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.

Description of the Goodyear DuraGrip tyre

Designed for small city cars, the Goodyear Duragrip tyre offers safety and mileage without compromising on quality.

Economy. The Goodyear DuraGrip has been designed to withstand the pressures of frequent stopping and starting; and is very fuel efficient.

Safety. Enhanced stability and dry performance; resists aquaplaning thanks to its asymmetric profile and three-dimensional sipes (3D-BIS technology).

Comfort. Tyre noise levels compliant with ISO standards.

Technical specs for the Goodyear DuraGrip tyre

  • Type of vehicle: Car
  • Tyre range: Economy
  • Season: Summer
  • Green tyre: Yes
  • Wheel diameters: 13’’, 14’’, 15’’
  • Speed rating: R, S, T, H

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