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Goodyear Vector 5
Vector 5
  • Safety : 5 / 5
  • Comfort : not yet rated
  • Economy : 5 / 5
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Goodyear Vector 5

  • All-season tyre for cars.
  • Adapts well to all weather conditions.
  • Increased mileage.

Description of the Goodyear Vector 5 tyre

The all-season Goodyear Vector 5 tyre automatically adapts to different weather conditions. Another advantage added to excellent performance and high mileage.

Drive. Immediate response to changes in the weather (Weather Reactive SmartTRED technology), the tyre is also sensitive to variations in road surface.

Safety. The tyre has an enhanced grip on the snow (3D-BIS technology) and ice (V-TRED technology), performs well in all seasons.

Wear life. Improved mileage thanks to a special rubber-silica compound.

Technical specs for the Goodyear Vector 5 tyre

  • Type of vehicle: Car
  • Tyre range: Economy
  • Season: All season
  • Green tyre: No
  • Wheel diameters: 13’’, 14’’, 15’’
  • Speed rating: R, T

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