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It is recommended to choose your tyres, depending on the season, the temperature, and the surface:
  • Summer: better performance when the temperature is over 7°c
  • Winter and snow: recommended when the temperature falls below 7°c. The tyre pattern allows you to cut through snow, and retain grip.

Tyre brand help

Rezulteo has ranked the brands into 3 categories
  • Leading performance brands: Brands whose products offer high performance in all criteria : safety, comfort, environment.
  • Mid-level brands: Brands whose products don't generally have the same multiple performance benefits. Their global performance is therefore inferior.
  • Other brands: Tyres from these brands don't match the peformance of tyres from other brands.

OE tyre help

Some manufacturers have specifically upgraded one, or several of their tyre product lines. If an OE (Original Equipment) mark (N, MO, *, etc...) is present on the side of the tyre, this indicates a specially developed specification for a particular vehicle make (Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc...)

Run Flat help

Run Flat tyres allow you to continue driving for a few kilometres, even with a punctured tyre. These tyres sometimes need specific rims, and can only be mounted on Run Flat capable cars.

Staggered wheels help

If your vehicle has staggered wheels (front and rear tyres of a different dimension), you can independently choose the front and rear dimensions. This only concerns certain sports vehicles.

Our winter tyres and snow tyres comparison

Choosing the right winter tyre can be complicated. Nordic tyres, alpine tyres, snow tyres, asymmetric profile, directional...You can get lost really easily.

Our winter tyre comparison can you to choose the best tyre for your vehicle (sedan, 4x4, pickup...) but also the best tyre for our use. On our website you will find all information related to a proper use of tyres in winter conditions: tyre pressure, winter driving tips and not to mention our storage recommendations.

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