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What is Michelin?

The French company - founded in 1889 by Edouard & André Michelin - leads today’s world marketplace with the Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone.

Operating in over 170 countries, the group’s 2008 annual sales amounted to 177 million tyre units and 16.4 billion euros.

The tyre manufacturer’s strategy is focused on technological innovation. Ever since their invention of the radial tyre in the 1950’s, Michelin has been dedicating significant human and financial resources to research.

Since the early 1990’s, Michelin has positioned itself as the « green tyre » manufacturer,that is environmentally sustainable and fuel-saving. 

The Michelin tyre range

Options available for car, SUV, van, motorhome vehicles.

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Where to buy Michelin tyres?

Advance Pitstop, Atlas Autoservice, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, First Stop, eiretyres.com, oponeo.ie, tyreshop.ie…

Michelin customer service

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