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Geneva Motor Show: New Apollo Aspire XP puts focus on comfort and safety

New Tyres Published the 07/03/2018 by Ewa Dwernicki

Apollo Vredestein has launched an all new summer tyre, the Aspire XP. This tyre which boasts high comfort and safety will be presented to the public at the Geneva International Motor Show from 8 to 18 March.

Apollo Aspire XP The 2018 Geneva Motor Show kicked off with the presentation of new tyres, including the Apollo Aspire XP. - Copyright © : rezulteo

A new range of summer tyres

The Aspire XP range, which replaces Apollo’s Aspire 4G and Apterra HP ranges, is designed for cars and SUVs and includes a total of 52 product references. The brand has also decided to expand its offering for 17, 18 and 19 inch rims with 20 new sizes in the car and SUV segments.

According to the tyre maker, safety and comfort were the main priorities in the development of the Aspire XP, which “ensures an outstanding driving experience on both dry and wet roads”. Thanks to an improved silica tread compound, handling on wet roads has been enhanced by 22% compared to the tyre’s predecessors, while braking distances in wet conditions have been improved by 7%.


Technology for enhanced safety and comfort

And the Aspire XP’s strong performance is not limited to the wet. The same improvements can be seen in the tyre’s handling on dry roads. A stiffer central lane and outer shoulder blocks have reduced breaking distances by 4% and ensure improved steering response accuracy in the dry. 

For enhanced comfort, sipes have been placed on the inside shoulder of the tyre to reduce interior noise. In addition, more flexible materials have been used for the tyre sidewall, which has improved shock absorption. 

Manufactured at Apollo Vredestein’s plants in the Netherlands and Hungary, the Aspire XP will be available in March.