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Michelin CrossClimate: Range expanded with new Agilis van tyre

New Tyres Published the 27/02/2018 by Yannick O'Conor

Michelin has announced that it is expanding its CrossClimate range with the launch of the Agilis CrossClimate tyre for light commercial vehicles.

Michelin CrossClimate Agilis The Michelin Agilis CrossClimate is a tyre for light trucks and vans. - Copyright © : Michelin

A CrossClimate tyre for light trucks and vans

With local van deliveries on the increase and a boom in new vehicle sales in the van and light truck segment, Michelin is releasing a tyre for light commercial vehicles suitable for use in all weather conditions. The latest addition to the highly popular CrossClimate range, the Agilis CrossClimate is the result of five years of market research targeting customers in Europe and Turkey. Michelin’s aim was to provide a tyre that can deliver high mileage, excellent grip and reliability in all weathers and on all road surfaces.


Innovative technology with Michelin’s “savoir-faire”

With the Agilis CrossClimate, Michelin has opted not to stray too far from its winning formula. The new tyre is based on its passenger-car cousin, the CrossClimate +, which has been named best all season tyre by both AutoExpress and AutoBild. Like all the tyres in the CrossClimate range, it features a distinctive V-shaped tread pattern.

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tyreCopyright © : Michelin

Where the Agilis differs from the other CrossClimate tyres is in its new rubber compound. This is made up of three synthetic elastomers which alternate depending on the driving conditions. At low temperatures, for example, the winter compound comes to the fore. Whereas in low grip situations, the wet surface compound takes control. Finally, there is also a dry surface compound which comes into play in hot and dry conditions.

The Agilis CrossClimate also adopts an innovative new tread pattern. This combines high-tech tread blocs with bi-directional self-locking sipes which, Michelin claims, increase the tyre’s grip. What’s more, in line with the French manufacturer’s strategy of advocating long-lasting tyres, the Agilis comes with an initial tread depth of 9.2 mm. A new wear indicator shows precisely how much tread remains at any given time, with 0 representing the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6 mm. According to the manufacturer, the tyre lasts 35% longer than its premium-brand competitors. Last but not least, the Agilis CrossClimate comes with reinforced sidewalls containing trapezoidal blocks on the tyre shoulder. This technology was inspired by Michelin’s military and all terrain vehicle tyres.


Tests carried out on the toughest roads

Michelin put the new tyre through its paces at two different European locations. These were the “White Hell” test centre in Ivalo, Finland and the Col de la Bonette in the French alps. The latter, one of Europe’s highest roads, is closed to the public in winter due to heavy snowfall, providing the perfect opportunity for Michelin to test the limits of its new tyre. This extreme testing aims to prove that, although the Agilis CrossClimate is a tyre designed primarily for summer use, it can also deliver good performance in difficult winter conditions. Michelin sums this up as follows: “you can be sure that if the new Agilis CrossClimate can survive these tests, then a suitably equipped plumber coming to repair the heating, or delivery driver with that special gift, will be there – right on time!”



The Michelin Agilis CrossClimate will be available from May 2018 in 11 sizes for 15 and 16-inch wheel-diameters. 16 other sizes will be released in stages between June 2018 and May 2019.