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Turanza T005: Bridgestone’s new premium tyre

New Tyres Published the 28/09/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Bridgestone presented its new Turanza T005 for passenger cars at an event in Greece. This tyre will replace the T001 EVO on its release in January 2018.

Bridgestone_Turanza_sol_mouillé Le nouveau Bridgestone Turanza T005 a été développé pour offrir sécurité et contrôle en particulier sur sol mouillé - Copyright © : Bridgestone / Tom Joy

A tyre designed for European drivers

At Bridgestone, customers are referred to as “the Boss”. This explains why the Japanese manufacturer consulted thousands of European consumers to better understand their needs and expectations in terms of tyres. Their conclusion: safety is priority. Drivers want to feel in full control and enjoy driving. Oh, and if the tyre can consume as little fuel as possible, so much the better.

The Bridgestone Turanza T005 is expected to reflect these consumer preferences. The new tyre was unveiled to brand partners in Athens in September and to the public at the  “IAA” motor show in Frankfurt, where it was displayed on a Lexus LC500h. “The new Turanza T005 is a core product in our portfolio with significantly high demand coverage”, said Jakob Ronsholt, Managing Director at Bridgestone EMEA. “We have analysed consumer needs very carefully to produce a tyre that lives up to expectations.” 

Bridgestone_Turanza_T005Copyright © : Bridgestone / Tom Joy

Control and safety even on rainy days

To meet the safety demands of European customers, Bridgestone has developed a tyre which allows drivers to feel in control under all circumstances. This is achieved through the brand’s “NanoPro-Tech” technology: a polymer mixed with a high silica compound that promises to deliver grip on wet roads and reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the tyre’s tread has been designed to efficiently drain water and offer better aquaplaning resistance.

The Turanza T005 will replace the T001 EVO. According to Bridgestone, the new tyre will have a 10% longer wear life than its predecessor. On the European tyre label, it achieves an A-rating in all sizes for wet braking and an A or B for rolling resistance.

Bridgestone_Turanza_safetyCopyright © : Bridgestone / Tom Joy


The Bridgestone Turanza T005 will be available from January 2018 in 101 sizes for 14- to 21- inch rim diameters. The manufacturer plans to release 48 additional sizes before 2019.

Several car manufacturers, including Audi and Mercedes, have already selected the tyre as original equipment.