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Uniroyal MS Plus 77, designed for wet weather driving

New Tyres Published the 29/10/2013 by John

Uniroyal is preparing for winter by presenting a new tyre that promises excellent performance in extreme conditions. The MS Plus 77 will be available in a comprehensive range of sizes.

 Uniroyal MS Plus 77 The Uniroyal MS Plus 77 provides excellent performance on treacherous winter roads - Copyright © : Uniroyal


It likes the wet

The MS Plus 77 will replace the MS Plus 66 in Uniroyal’s range of winter tyres. This tyre is said to be better than the tyre it replaces, especially for certain criteria, considered as being extremely important for winter driving. Offering exceptional wet road performance, the new MS Plus 77 will, for example, be able to clear 25 litres of water per second at a speed of 80 km/h. To give a better idea, this would fill a bathtub in around 6 seconds. This capacity is due to the new tread design, optimised to drain water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. With the large, rigid shoulder blocks, the tyre offers precise handling on roads, even on poor road surfaces. The danger of aquaplaning is reduced by five percent and braking distances on wet roads are two percent shorter.


Better on snow and ice

The new sipe design increases the degree of traction on snow and ice. Spreaders are placed on the tyre to keep sipes open to penetrate the micro water layer on icy roads and maintain maximum traction on both snow and ice covered roads.

Uniroyal MS Plus 77 on snowCopyright © : Uniroyal

52 available dimensions

The new MS Plus 77 casts a wide net since Uniroyal has already planned a vast range of 52 different dimensions in total, on tyres approved for a maximum speed of between 190 and 240 km/h. Of these 52 dimensions, 46 are suitable for 15 to 18 inch rims and the other six dimensions are suitable for SUV's with 16 and 18 inch rims. Whether for a compact car or a crossover type car, this new tyre covers a vast range of vehicles.