New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Yokohama launches the BluEarth-4S AW21 at the Geneva Motor Show

Yokohama goes all season with the BluEarth-4S AW21

New Tyres Published the 09/03/2018 by Yannick O'Conor

Yokohama has presented the BluEarth-4S AW21, the brand’s first all season tyre for the European market, at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Yokohama_Bluearth4S The Yokohama BluEarth 4S AW21 is designed for year-round use. - Copyright © : Yokohama

A newcomer to the all season segment

Until now, Yokohama has been one of the few manufacturers not to offer an all season product for the European market. This has all changed, however, with the presentation of the new BluEarth-4S AW21 at the Geneva International Motor Show. Intended for urban drivers who occasionally have to deal with cold and snow, this latest addition to the Yokohama line-up is designed to deliver balanced performance no matter the season or weather conditions.

Yokohama_BluEarth4S_GenevaCopyright © : Yokohama

Winter technology for year-round performance

Although combining both summer and winter performance, the BluEarth-4S AW21 is notable for its use of Yokohama’s latest winter tyre technology. A combination of V-shaped and horizontal crossing grooves provide a good level of performance on wet, snowy and icy roads.

All this is backed up by a cold-resistant rubber compound made of silica and polymer, similar to that used in the Yokohama V905 winter tyre. In recognition of its winter capability the BluEarth 4S AW21 was awarded the Snowflake Mark from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) – one of the world’s largest standards organisations.

Moving on to summer performance, the BluEarth 4S AW21 boasts a new tread pattern, designed to maximize the surface contact area between the tyre and the road. This has the benefits of enhancing dry performance and extending tyre life.  Large, siped, shoulder blocks make this a wide tyre which, the manufacturer claims, delivers optimum performance on dry surfaces.



The BluEarth 4S AW21 will be available from next autumn in 30 sizes for 14-inch to 19-inch rim diameters. Yokohama is already planning to extend the range of sizes.