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Best winter tyres for 2017-2018

Winter tyres Published the 16/10/2017 by Julien Taillandier

Need help finding your way through the maze of winter tyres? The rezulteo selection for 2017/2018 can help you make the right choice.

Best winter tyres for  2017-2018 Choose from a selection of high performance winter tyres. - Copyright © : Crédits photos - ©

For our winter tyre selection, we have focused on tyres suitable for general daily use, rather than extreme winter conditions. The tyres chosen deliver strong all round winter performance in dry, wet and snow. They are also all available in the most common sizes on the market.

Tyres are displayed in alphabetical order by brand (this is not a hierarchy).

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001Copyright © : Bridgestone
Although this tyre has been around for a few years, the Blizzak LM001 remains a reliable product that we recommend. It is perfectly suited to varied winter use in all types of conditions.

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Continental  WinterContact TS 860

The TS850 was a mainstay in the winter tyre market and its replacement, the TS860, builds on this success offering outstanding technical features. The tyre impressed us when we tested it and is an obvious choice for our selection.

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Dunlop Winter Sport 5

Dunlop Winter Sport 5Copyright © : Dunlop
Developed for sports and high performance vehicles, this winter tyre delivers performance in line with expectations. Its V-shaped tread pattern, lightweight structure and race-derived compound make for a winter tyre that can handle high mechanical stresses irrespective of the surface.

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Goodyear Ultragrip 9

Pneu hiver Goodyear UltraGrip 9Copyright © : Goodyear
Developed in Goodyear’s Innovation Centre in Luxembourg, the Ultragrip 9 provides excellent performance, particularly in terms of comfort. It also exists in a Nordic version for extreme winter use.

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Michelin Alpin 5

Michelin Alpin 5Copyright © : Michelin
Widely acclaimed in tests and reviews, the Alpin 5 is a winter tyre that delivers exemplary performance on snow, while also setting the standard for versatility.

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Nokian WR D4

Nokian WR D4Copyright © : Nokian
Our selection of winter tyres would not be complete without Nokian. Specialist in the winter segment, the Finnish tyre manufacturer’s catalogue offers an extensive range of products, including the WR D4. Available in multiple sizes, this tyre is far from being one-dimensional and has proved its efficiency on different types of surfaces and in wet conditions. 

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Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero Serie 3

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3Copyright © : Pirelli
The summer sports tyre specialist also offers an interesting line-up of winter tyres including the Sottozero, one of its flagship products. This tyre delivers attractive performance, especially in terms of wet handling.

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