Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - It's time to move on to Summer tyres

It's time to move on to Summer tyres

Winter tyres Published the 11/04/2013 by Peter

A good rule of thumb is to remove your winter tyres when the clocks change in spring. But, before fitting your summer tyres, check them for any signs of wear; it’s perhaps time to change them. In any case, don’t forget to adjust the tyre pressure. As for your winter tyres, make sure they are stored properly to find them in good condition for next winter.

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When to remove winter tyres?

Winter tyres are designed to deliver maximum performance at low temperatures. Professionals recommend fitting them as soon as the average temperature drops below 7°C. Similarly, when spring arrives and temperatures increase, summer tyres are more efficient. When should you change them? An easy date to remember is when the clocks change to summer time.

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What to do with winter tyres in summer?

To maintain their full potential, winter tyres must be stored properly. For temperature, humidity and storage conditions, certain rules must be respected. A practical solution if you are struggling to find space: Store your tyres at a fitting centre. Several retailers offer this service.

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Finish off winter tyres in summer?

You won’t get another season out of your winter tyres.  The tread grooves are not deep enough (tyre manufacturer’s recommend at least 4mm), but you find it difficult to scrap these half-worn tyres. Is it dangerous to “finish” them off in summer? Not necessarily, say the specialists. In fact, as winter tyres wear, their performances are similar to those of a summer tyre.

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Perhaps it’s time to change your tyres… 

At the end of winter, check the general state of your summer tyres. Level of wear, the differences in wear between two tyres on the same axle, irregular wear, punctures or deformations: If your tyres show any of these signs, then change them immediately.

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Adjust the pressure of summer tyres

After spending several months in storage, your summer tyres will not be correctly inflated. Before driving with them, their pressure must be adjusted. Afterwards, get into the habit of checking tyre pressure once a month.

>> Tyre pressure: To be checked once a month.