Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - The top best all season tyres for 2015 / 2016

The top best all season tyres for 2015 / 2016

Winter tyres Published the 15/10/2015 by Julien Taillandier

Competition in the all season tyre category is becoming increasingly fierce. Previously shunned by tyre manufacturers, these tyres are making a remarkable comeback, with iconic products such as the Michelin CrossClimate. Here is our selection of the best all season tyres for 2015/2016.

The best all season tyres for 2015 / 2016 A selection of all season tyres to help you make your decision! - Copyright © :

By way of introduction, remember that an all season tyre cannot replace a traditional winter tyre. It is a compromise tyre for occasional snow use, and is designed to deliver a good level of safety whatever the weather conditions.

The list we have put together is not exhaustive. It is primarily based on the most common dimensions available on the market: 205 55R16 and 225 45R17. Tyres have also been selected based on a set of criteria reflecting their level of technology.

Tyres are presented in alphabetical order only. This is not, under any circumstances, a ranking since our selection includes tyres with different price positions (premium and intermediate).



Firestone Multiseason 

Firestone Multiseason : all season tyreCopyright © : Firestone
Designed to equip city cars, this tyre is ideal for motorists looking for an intermediate product. Over and above its affordable price, the Multiseason is designed with modern technology

>> Dimensions available for the Firestone Multiseason
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Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2: All season tyreCopyright © : Goodyear
The Goodyear Vector4Seasons Gen-2 has just been launched and first test results confirm it is very good. Developed to deliver performance in all circumstances, it is particularly good on wet roads.

>> Dimensions available for the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 (coming soon)
>> Find out more about the tyre: Vector 4Seasons Gen-2, the new all season tyre from Goodyear 



Michelin CrossClimate 

Michelin CrossClimate: tread designCopyright © : rezulteo-Michelin
The Michelin CrossClimate created a buzz in 2015. A real concentration of Michelin’s technological expertise and a must in this category, this tyre has the 3PMSF mark certifying its good performance in winter conditions.  

>> Dimensions available for the Michelin CrossClimate
>> Rezulteo’s test: Michelin CrossClimate, a tyre for both summer and winter



Nokian Weatherproof 

Nokian Weatherproof: all season tyreCopyright © : Nokian-rezulteo
The Nokian brand has extensive experience in the field of all season tyres, with its Weatherproof achieving the culmination. It emerges as an excellent choice, delivering good winter performance for the category.

>> Dimensions available for the Nokian Weatherproof
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Pirelli Cinturato All Season  

Pirelli Cinturato All Season: treadCopyright © : rezulteo-Pirelli
The Pirelli Cinturato All Season features modern technology and is perfectly suitable for city and compact cars. Note that it is equipped with Seal Inside technology designed to instantly seal punctures in the tread area.

>> Dimensions available for the Pirelli Cinturato All Season
>> Find out more about the tyre: Pirelli Cinturato All Season



Vredestein Quatrac 5  

Vredestein Quatrac 5 treadCopyright © : rezulteo-Vredestein
The Vredestein Quatrac is an interesting alternative. The brand has some experience with all season tyres, allowing this new tyre to be considered an overall success


>> Dimensions available for the Vredestein Quatrac 5
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