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Tyres and security

  • Neglected tyres cause fewer road deaths in 2012

    Published the 28/06/2013 by Connor

    Each year, the Department for Transport publishes its annual report on road accidents in Great Britain for the previous year. The 2012 results are slightly better for the number of serious accidents due to neglected tyres, but this parameter remains a concern when looking at the annual road accident statistics.
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  • 80% of European motorists drive with under-inflated tyres

    Published the 29/05/2013 by Connor

    Bridgestone has announced these alarming figures based on the results of its 8th tyre safety check campaign conducted in western European countries. 25% of motorists drive on tyres worn beyond the legal limit. According to the tyre manufacturer, this is a result of the economic crisis. In any case, this negligence is responsible for a large number of accidents as well as litres of wasted fuel and increased CO2 emissions.
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