EU tyre labelling - Introduction of tyre labelling

Introduction of tyre labelling

EU tyre labelling Published the 03/10/2012 by Connor

The first labelled tyres are arriving on sales channels and will soon appear in retail outlets. On the internet, tyre sales websites are also starting to display tyre performance labels in product data sheets. All are getting ready to answer the questions that motorists will undoubtedly ask them.

Labelling on the Pirelli website Copyright © : Pirelli

Perhaps you’ve already seen this famous label? The first batches of labelled tyres are currently being delivered to leading car centres and should soon appear on the shelves.   

The excitement is the same with online tyre retailers who are also getting ready to include tyre performance labels in their product data sheets. Everything must be in place before 1st November, the date on which the regulation comes into force in all European Union countries.

Tyre performance labels displayed on the Kwik Fit website.Copyright © : Kwikfit

With this signage, that resembles the energy label displayed on household appliances, cars or apartment descriptions, the consumer will be able to choose his tyres more easily.

Before he had to rely on a brand’s reputation, advice from retailers or, for the better informed, tests published in the automobile press. Now, he can compare tyres himself  on the basis of three performance criteria:

  • Fuel efficiency: i.e. the tyre’s share in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Wet grip, the performance relating to safety;
  • External rolling noise, the performance relating to driving comfort.

As such, on the basis of labels, the consumer will be able to choose more economical, safer and more environmentally friendly tyres.

All distribution networks have spent the summer months preparing themselves for the deadline. Personnel working for tyre specialists and car centres have been trained  so that they can explain tyre labelling issues to customers and answer their questions.

Tyre manufacturers are not to be outdone. Most leading brands propose educational videos on European tyre labelling on their websites.

Explication de l'étiquette pneus sur le site BridgestoneCopyright © : Bridgestone