Tips and advice to buy the right tyres - Cheap tyres: Not always a good deal …

Cheap tyres: Not always a good deal …

Buy the right tyres Connor

It’s normal to want to buy tyres at the best possible price. But a low price does not necessarily mean a good deal. First, it generally means an inadequate level of safety, and second, when mileage performance is compared with tyres from leading brands, it is often lower.

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For the average motorist, purchasing new tyres is a grudge purchase, just like replacing printer ink cartridges or soling and heeling shoes.  The motorist will be looking for the best value for money, or even the lowest price so as not to overstretch his budget with an expense he would rather does without. However, for tyres, a low price does not necessarily mean a good deal. First, with regards safety, but also in terms of running costs.

Indeed, most entry level tyres currently deliver poor performances or are clearly inadequate in terms of safety. We experienced this during wet grip tests performed with cheap Chinese tyres. Is it wise to risk an accident just to save a few Euros on a set of tyres?

Furthermore, cheap tyres do not always deliver a high mileage performance. If testimonials posted by users on forums are to be believed, then mileage performance is much lower that that of premium tyres. As such, the savings made when purchasing tyres is seriously put into perspective.

In conclusion, if you are looking for unbeatable value for money, we encourage you to take a look at intermediate brands whose products have been subjected to comparison tests. You can find a wide range on our website.