Tips and advice to buy the right tyres - Chinese tyres: Are they really less expensive?

Chinese tyres: Are they really less expensive?

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Certainly, Chinese tyres are sold at prices 20 to 25% cheaper than premium tyres. But tyre life is often much shorter. Not to mention their unacceptable safety performance. Finally, it is not certain that the mileage cost is such an advantage…

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Do not mistake purchase price and cost price

Between a tyre from a leading tyre manufacturer sold for 100 euros and the equivalent proposed by a Chinese brand at 60 euros, it is easy to be enticed. But are they really a bargain? Nothing could be less sure. Indeed, in a tyre’s cost price, its service life should be to taken into account, a variable that leading tyre manufacturers have put a lot of work into.

Yet, if users’ testimonies on forums are to be believed, high mileage is not always a strong point with Chinese tyres. The purchaser is likely to experience fast tyre wear, requiring him to replace his tyres earlier than expected. At the end of the day, it’s not sure he wins...

But the reverse is also true:  Some Chinese brands are reputed to produce tyres that never wear out since the rubber is so hard. The downside of this exceptional longevity is disastrous handling on wet roads: Tyres are as slippery as soap!


Performance balance is most important

What marks the difference between leading tyre manufacturers and “low cost” manufacturers is precisely the performance balance. Striking the right balance between conflicting performances, such as safety and longevity, dry grip and wet grip, requires technical expertise that these newcomers have not yet grasped.

This explains why we find Chinese products that deliver good grip on dry roads but an atrocious performance on wet roads, or whose longevity is satisfactory, but lacking in safety. Remember, a tyre’s quality is judged on its ability to deliver an effective response in all situations.