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How to find the manufacturing date on tyres?

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From the moment they were manufactured, how can you be sure that the tyres you are about to buy have not been stored for too long? Look for the DOT code on the tyre’s sidewall: It will give you the year and month the tyre was manufactured.

DOT code on the sidewall of the tyre How to read the DOT code? - Copyright © : Rezulteo

The date of manufacture is one piece of information engraved on the sidewall of a tyre. It is part of a tyre identification code required by the American Department of Transportation (or DOT). All tyre manufacturers have adopted this traceability standard for tyres.

The DOT code is composed of three groups of four alphanumeric characters.

  • The first two codes identify the manufacturer and manufacturing plant
  • The third, the manufacturing date:
    • The first two numbers indicate the week of manufacture
    • The last two numbers indicate the year of manufacture

> Example: 2011 means that the tyre was manufactured in the 20th week of 2011

It is best to buy tyres manufactured within the last two years.