Tips and advice to buy the right tyres - Second hand tyres: Good deal or a risky buy?

Second hand tyres: Good deal or a risky buy?

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If you are looking to cut costs, you may be tempted to buy second hand tyres. Indeed, prices are unbeatable, but safety risks are not negligible. Regulations, general conditions, price: What you need to know before opting for this solution.

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The second hand tyre market is thriving. Scrap yards, distribution networks and websites: There is no lack of solutions to buy this type of product. In a time of economic crisis, you may be tempted to look at second hand tyres to reduce your car budget.   But make sure you don’t take chances with your safety.  To comply with the Highway Code, which tyres can you choose? How do you check the tyre’s condition and detect any faults? Is the proposed price really a bargain? Here are a few answers.


What the law says

From a legal point of view, you must comply with the rules that apply to all vehicles.

  • The tyre dimensions must be approved by the manufacturer. You must observe the recommended load indexes and speed ratings.
  • Tyres fitted on the same axle must be identical. This means the same brand, the same model and the same size (including load index and speed rating).


Tyre checks

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To assess the degree of tyre wear, measure the depth of the main grooves in several places around the tyre: The smallest measurement will be used as the reference. Don’t forget that the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6 mm at at least one point around the tyre. If the measured depth is 4mm, then there is still 2.4 mm left before reaching the legal limit. Certain websites fix their price based on the maximum degree of tyre wear (30, 05 and 5%, for example).

Do not hesitate to run your hand over the surface of the tyre to identify any abnormal wear. Uneven wear is often the sign of alack of maintenance. For example, a tyre with one side more worn than the other is the symptom of an alignment fault; a tyre worn at the tread extremities usually indicates an inflation fault …

The sidewalls should also be checked to detect any damage, such as swellings, cracks or deformations. Warning, this type of deterioration requires an MOT retest.

Final check: If the tyre is in good condition, then check its age. As rubber hardens over time, a tyre that appears to be in good condition may, in fact, have lost many of its qualities if it was manufactured more than five years ago. To find the manufacturing date, look for the DOT code on the tyre’s sidewall.

These checks are also valid when you buy a second hand car.


Are they really a bargain?

After examining the condition of second hand tyres, you still need to check that the proposed price is really a bargain. To do this, we recommend you simply use the price comparison tool on the Rezulteo website : It will provide, for a given location, the best prices available. If the price is only slightly different, then opt for a new tyre.


Winter tyres: Bargains can sometimes be found

When a driver changes car, he often has a set of winter tyres which are in good condition, but the size is not suitable for his car. Therefore, he is ready to sell them at a good price. A good deal for those looking for second hand winter tyres!

Another idea: Some car centres offer a tyre storage service.

Sometimes, some customers do not claim their tyres since they have bought a new car or moved house. So, be sure to ask your reseller if he has a stock of second hand winter tyres in your size.