Tips and advice to buy the right tyres - What are the best tyres for my driving environment?

What are the best tyres for my driving environment?

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To choose the right tyre, it is not enough to follow manufacturer’s recommendations. You also need to take your driving habits and the environment in which you drive into account.

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You will not choose the same type of tyre if you mainly use your car for short trips around town as you would if you clock up the miles on motorways, or if you drive a sports car or a 4x4.

You mostly drive around town

Urban driving is characterised by a multitude of road signs, many road intersections, and a high risk of hitting obstacles (pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes…).  All of these factors subject tyres to frequent stop and start conditions, and having to deal with obstacles. It is therefore important to take these factors into account and focus on certain tyre performances.

  • Braking distances. You need tyres that ensure short braking distances, on both wet and dry roads.
  • Robust. Choose a resistant tyre. In town, tyres are subjected to frequent stop and start conditions.

You mostly drive on roads or motorways

The motorway is an infrastructure that differs from other road networks in three ways: Speed, length of journeys and the density of traffic during holiday periods.

Focus on the following performances:

  • Longevity. Due to regular and high speeds, tyres are subjected to more wear. As such, this constraint is more important than others therefore, opt for tyres with high longevity.
  • Driving comfort. To limit fatigue during long journeys, choose a tyre that offers a high level of comfort for both vibrations and noise levels.
  • Braking distances. Due to the high cruising speed, you need tyres that ensure short braking distances, on both wet and dry roads.

You drive a sports car

If you enjoy sporty driving, you need tyres that deliver an excellent level of grip and a fast steering response (while abiding with road safety rules or on authorised circuits).

  • Advice: Choose high performance tyres, or even sports tyres (for circuit driving), they will live up to your expectations.

You drive a 4x4

Again, you will have a large choice of tyres to choose from depending on the type of 4x4 you have (SUV or a crossover) and what you use it for:  On road driving only, both on and off road (roads and paths) or solely off-road.


The winter tyre, a safety investment

Today, all tyre manufacturers offer winter tyres that are suitable for your type of vehicle and what you use it for. These tyres ensure a safe drive as soon as the average temperature drops below 7°C. Admittedly, this purchase represents an investment, but it will quickly pay for itself:   Firstly, in terms of safety and also since you save your summer tyres.

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