Tips and advice to buy the right tyres - Where to buy tyres?

Where to buy tyres?

Buy the right tyres Jack

Dealers, tyre specialists, car centres or e-commerce websites - when it’s time to change tyres, the choice is yours. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Plentiful supplies and the significant difference in price between dealers justifies that you take a close look at the various possibilities available when it’s time to change your tyres.

Your local dealer or approved garage

+ : Practical
– : Expensive

This is the most convenient solution. When you last serviced your car, your dealer warned you that next time you would need a new set of tyres. He offered to take care of everything: ordering, fitting and balancing. The price will certainly be a bit high, but this is the price to pay for peace of mind.


Tyre specialists (Euromaster, Point S, FirstStop…)

: Choice, professionalism
Not everywhere

The advantage of these specialised networks is that it offers a fast and high quality service, a wide range of brands and tyre models, attractive prices and frequent promotional offers.


Car centres (Norauto, Feu Vert, Speedy…)

: Proximity, services
: Generalists

If there is no specialised network near your home, a car centre will do just fine. They stock the main tyre brands and offer numerous services. It is perhaps the opportunity to change your engine oil or shock absorbers. 


Online retailers

+ : Bargain prices
– : Little advice

Over the past few years, new distributors have emerged. But they are only present on the internet (no retail stores). Advantage: they offer a vast range of references at knock-down prices (30 to 60% less than retail stores and dealers). And to fit them? It’s simple. These retailers have usually developed partnerships with fitting centres throughout the country. When you buy your tyres, you make an appointment with your nearest fitting centre.

Certain specialised networks have also opened their e-commerce shop. As such, you can use your home computer to buy your tyres before they are fitted at your nearest fitting centre.

Choose your tyres in 5 minutes

Here is a guideline on how to make the right choice in a no time at all.

1. Note the characteristics of your tyres: width, height, diameter, load index, speed rating. How to read tyre markings.

2. Specify the use you make of your car (urban, motorway, sports, all-terrain) and define your tyre type (summer, winter).

3. Decide which performances are most important:  safety, comfort or economy.

4. Find the distributor that best suits your needs: car centre, tyre specialist, dealer website, or dealer? Search for tyre centres in the town and city directory

Select a fitting centre: price, proximity, professionalism.