Tips and advice to maintaining your tyres - Heat wave: safety tips for your tyres

Heat wave: safety tips for your tyres

Maintaining your tyres Julien Taillandier

A heat wave puts all vehicle components, including tyres, under a lot of stress. Here are a few tips to keep your tyres in peak condition throughout the summer.

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It’s a fact that higher temperatures put additional stress on tyres. As a result, it is important to be even more vigilant during the summer months and follow two basic safety rules:


·       Check your tyre pressure:

Make sure you maintain the right tyre pressure. Indeed, under-inflation causes abnormal heat build up within the tyre. This may be accentuated by high temperatures and may even result in a burst tyre.

We encourage you to inflate your tyres to the maximum recommended pressure, especially if you are driving on motorways and/or if there are several passengers travelling in the vehicle.

Important: the pressure should be checked on cold tyres, not on hot tyres. If the pressure is checked on hot tyres, the recommended values cannot be relied upon since you may end up with under-inflated tyres once they cool down.

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·       Take care of the rubber:

In "normal" driving conditions, tyres are not particularly affected by a heat wave. However, if your vehicle must remain stationary for a long time (several weeks), we recommend that you avoid hot and windy areas, like the seaside, in order to prevent premature tyre wear.