Tips and advice to maintaining your tyres - Rotating your tyres will prolong their life

Rotating your tyres will prolong their life

Maintaining your tyres Conner

By swapping your front and rear tyres, tyre wear will be even and as such, your tyres will last longer. But remember, you must follow strict rules.

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On front-wheel drive vehicles, front tyres wear faster than rear tyres.  That’s why we recommend that tyres should be rotated every 9000 to 12 000 kms or at least once a year.  For example, rotate your tyres when you fit and remove your winter tyres. This operation ensures even tyre wear and also prolongs the life of your tyres.

However, tyre rotation follows specific rules that depend on the tyre and vehicle type (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive). Tyre rotation can either follow the forward cross or the rearward cross pattern.

> Tyre rotation for a front-wheel drive 

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> Tyre rotation for a rear-wheel drive

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> Tyre rotation for a four-wheel drive

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