Tips and advice about winter tyres - Choosing your snow chains

Choosing your snow chains

Your winter tyres Leigh

Ladder or diamond chains, fast-fit chains: rezulteo advises you on the best type of chains for your needs.

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When the roads are covered with snow, winter tyres tyres are not always enough. Then you need snow chains. Here are the various models you will find on the market.

> Ladder chains

(from €39 to €150) 

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As their name indicates, these chains comprise parallel strands arranged around the tyre tread. Although traction is good, braking and handling are hindered by the lack of longitudinal strands. 

rezulteo's opinion. Ladder chains are suitable for easy surfaces. They have their limits in deep snow.


> Diamond tyre chains

(from €39 to €150)

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Comprised of several strands of crossing strands on the tread, these chains offer good grip. They are just as effective for traction and for braking. They do not affect driving pleasure as the vibrations are minimised. 
rezulteo’s opinion. Choose diamond chains that are reinforced with steel links. They are more long-lasting and provide better grip for a reasonable price difference.


> Fast-fit chains

(from €150 to €405)

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Fitting this type of chain is easier due to the presence of an adaptor that is fixed to the wheel rim. This positions the chain correctly when the car starts off.
rezulteo’s opinion. Practical, but nevertheless fast-fit chains are expensive, bulky, and not as efficient as traditional chains.

And the attachments?

For these three models, manufacturers have developed two systems of attachment. One with wire, the other with cable. Presentation of these two mechanisms.


> Wire fasteners

They consists of a steel wire placed behind the tyre. The links pass over the tyre and are kept tight by a chain around the outside of the wheel.
rezulteo’s opinion. Chains with this type of fastener are not very easy to install. You should practice beforehand.


> Cable fasteners

They leave the wheels free and leave quite a large space for installation. Cable chains are fast to install (five minutes on average), as long as you practice the operation before the winter season.
rezulteo’s opinion. These are the most common models and the least expensive on the market. They are easy to install once you know the system.

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