Tips and advice about winter tyres - Snow tyre, winter tyre, studded tyre, chains: All car equipment to handle snow and cold weather

Snow tyre, winter tyre, studded tyre, chains: All car equipment to handle snow and cold weather

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Is there any difference between a snow tyre and a winter tyre? Can you drive anywhere with studded tyres? When should I fit snow chains? Everything you need to know about winter car equipment.

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Winter equipment



WINTER TYRES: Efficient when the temperature drops below 7°C

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Snow tyre or winter tyre? In reality, there is no alternative. Strictly speaking, snow tyres do not exist in the UK.  The winter tyre is the only tyre that can safely cope with poor winter weather, whether in rain, wind, snow or ice.

The winter tyre differs from a summer tyre by its tread design and compound.

Tread Compound. Winter tyres use a rubber compound that remains flexible at low temperatures and delivers more grip on slippery roads.
Tread design. The winter tyre’s tread design features more grooves to deliver better traction, shorter braking distances and a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

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NORDIC TYRES:  To tackle extreme winter conditions

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Nordic tyresare designed to be driven several months of the year when temperatures drop below -10°C and on snow-covered roads.  With Nordic tyres, drivers are less likely to lose control on snow and ice covered roads. However, they are rarely used in the UK.



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STUDDED TYRES: Their use is restricted

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Studded tyres are winter or Nordic tyres with metal studs designed to offer more grip on snow and ice covered roads.

Their use is prohibited or severely restricted in several European countries. In England, studded tyres are not prohibited but are rarely used.



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    ALL SEASON TYRES: For mild winters

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    Designed for the North American market, All Season tyres, also called “All Weather” tyres, are a compromise between summer and winter tyres.  In winter, they perform better than summer tyres but remain well below the performance of winter tyres. They are ideal for regions where winters are mild.



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    SNOW CHAINS: Mandatory in certain situations

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    It is prudent to keep chains in the boot of your car to cope with sudden snow falls or when driving on mountain roads, to access certain ski resorts, for example.  Snow chains improve wheel traction and grip on snow covered roads.




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