Tips and advice about winter tyres - What is a Nordic tyre?

What is a Nordic tyre?

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Nordic tyres are designed for negative temperatures and icy surfaces. In temperate regions of Europe, they may be adapted to certain mountain areas

Tread Nordic tyre Tread of the Nordic tyre Michelin Latitude X-Ice 12 - Copyright © : All Rights Reserved

Also known as ice tyres, or friction tyres, the Nordic tyre is designed for driving in regions where temperatures remain below zero for several weeks.   Little use is made of these tyres in our latitudes, except in certain mountain areas.

More efficient than a winter tyre on icy roads and quieter than a studded tyre, the Nordic tyre is characterised by a directional tread and a high siping density offering better grip on ice. 

Nordic tyre imageCopyright © : rezulteo

Shown above is the Michelin X-Ice XI2 Nordic tyre (© rezulteo)