Tips and advice about winter tyres - What is an all season tyre worth in winter?

What is an all season tyre worth in winter?

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Based on a compromise, all season tyres don’t claim to compete with winter tyres. If with all season tyres you avoid the hassle of changing your tyres twice a year, they are not as safe on cold and slippery roads. What’s more, they wear faster and increase fuel consumption.

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The all season tyre is also known as the four-season tyre or, for Americans, the "All Weather” tyre. It is an intermediate tyre between the summer tyre and the winter tyre. Initially designed for the American market, the same tyre can be used throughout the year. As such, it avoids buying a set of winter tyres and changing your tyres in the autumn and spring.

Not as safe as a winter tyre

Although it generally carries the M+S marking, its features are closer to those of a summer tyre than a winter tyre. Therefore, the all season tyre does not offer the same level of safety as a winter tyre as soon as temperatures drop below 10°C and roads become slippery. This is confirmed by tests conducted by the Swiss Touring Club (TCS).

Measured performanceTest conditionsSummer tyreWinter tyreAll season tyre
Braking distance on dry surfaces100 to 0 kph ± 10°C125 ft (38 m) 167 ft (51 m)161 ft (49 m)
100 to 0 kph ± 20°C125 ft (38 m) 187 ft (57 m)170 ft (52 m)
Braking distance on wet surfaces80 to 0 kph 
± 10°C
141 ft (43 m)131 ft (40 m) 144 ft (44 m)
80 to 0 kph 
± 20°C
131 ft (40 m) 148 ft (45 m)154 ft (47 m)
Braking distance on snow40 to 0 kph200 ft (61 m)95 ft (29 m) 138 ft (42 m)
Fuel consumption7.5 L / 100 km 7.6 L / 100 km7.9 L / 100 km
Wear± 10°C105%100%115%
± 20°C100%115%110%

(Source: Swiss Touring Club).

Less cost effective than a seasonal tyre

An all season tyre will wear faster than a winter tyre used in winter (+15%) and a summer tyre used in summer (+10%). It will also show a higher rolling resistance, which results in a higher fuel consumption. From an economical point of view, it is more advantageous to alternate summer and winter tyres than to drive with all season tyres, as proved in the following TCS simulation.

(Time scale = 6 years)

Cost items4 summer tyres4 winter tyres12 all season tyres
Tyres (1)€ 470€ 473 € 1798
Wheels (2)-€ 486
Tyre Change (3)€ 130€ 130-
Fitting – Balancing (4)€ 149€ 149€ 224
Fuel consumption (5)€ 4101€ 4155€ 8639
Total€ 10243€ 10661

(Source: Swiss Touring Club).

(1)   Service life:  6 years or 90 000 kms; 45 000 kms for summer and winter tyres, 30 000 kms for all season tyres
(2)   4 aluminium wheels.
(3)   Wheel balance and valve replacement not included.
(4)   Valve replacement included in year 3.
(5)   Summer tyres:  7.5 L / 100km ; winter tyre : 7.6 L / 100 km ; all season tyres : 7.9 L / l/100m.  Fuel price: € 1.30