Tips and advice about winter tyres - When should you fit winter tyres?

When should you fit winter tyres?

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It’s not worth waiting until the first snow falls to fit your winter tyres. First of all, the criterion is when temperatures fall. In our regions, a good reminder to change tyres is when the clocks go back, on the last Sunday of October.

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The rule is to fit winter tyres when the average temperature falls below 7°C. Why 7°C and not 5 or 10°C? Simply because this is the so-called “glass transition” temperature, i.e. the temperature at which the rubber in summer tyres hardens and loses its grip.

Winter tyres use rubber compounds designed to deliver performance at low temperatures. In addition, their tread is carved and siped to preserve grip and traction on wet, snow-covered or icy roads.

Conclusion: Don’t wait until the middle of winter to make up your mind. A good reminder in temperate regions: When the clocks go back, on the last Sunday of October.

Winter tyres, often mistakenly referred to as snow tyres, will ensure your safety and driving comfort from when temperatures fall until spring returns, i.e. from November to March in most regions.


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