Dmc-12 2.8 V6 132 tyre pressure, dimensions, inches and tyre prices. All you need to know about Delorean Dmc-12 2.8 V6 132 tyres

DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132 tyres

rezulteo, the tyre buying guide, will guide you through the tyre selection process for your DELOREAN DMC-12. Information on the engine size of your DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132 allows us to supply you with various information, such as the recommended tyre pressure, as well as DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132 tyre dimensions (width, heigh, diameter, load index, speed index). To find available tyre dimensions (size) for your DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132, their prices, tests and where to buy them, click on the "see tyres" button.

Choice of version

Tyre sizes available for
DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132 (Since 1981)


Tyre pressure for DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132 (1981)

Front tyre pressure :NC
Rear tyre pressure :NC
Front tyre pressure (loaded vehicle) :NC
Rear tyre pressure (loaded vehicle) :NC
infoThe tyre pressures indicated above are given for information only. For more information, please check the indications in your vehicle manual or on the front door of your vehicle.

Practical info for DELOREAN DMC-12 2.8 V6 132 (1981)

Body :Coupé
Drive power :Petrol
Power :132 hp
Cubic capacity :2849 cc
Max. speed :208 km/h
Front rim width (in inches) :NC
Rear rim width (in inches) :NC
Drive type :Rear-wheel drive
Transmission :Manual
Admissible load on front axle :NC
Admissible load on rear axle :NC

Other available engine types

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It is recommended to choose your tyres, depending on the season, the temperature, and the surface:
  • Summer: better performance when the temperature is over 7°c
  • Winter and snow: recommended when the temperature falls below 7°c. The tyre pattern allows you to cut through snow, and retain grip.