Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Dunlop’s Chip-In-Tyre: a connected tyre

Dunlop’s Chip-In-Tyre: a connected tyre

Manufacturers Published the 28/03/2014 by Harry

At the recent 2014 Geneva Motor Show, tyre manufacturer Dunlop seized the opportunity to unveil an astonishing technology with an interesting development potential.

Dunlop sensor in tyre Dunlop develops a tyre that can provide the driver with maintenance and safety information - Copyright © : Dunlop

A connected concept tyre

Like other tyre manufacturers, Dunlop did not come empty handed to the recent 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The high performance tyre specialist exhibited a unique concept tyre with specific technical characteristics: Indeed, the tyre is equipped with a chip, developed in partnership with specialists from the German company, Huf. Independently powered, this chip provides a direct link between the tyre and the car’s on board computer that can optimise the interaction between the tyre and the car’s active safety elements.

Dunlop sensor tyreCopyright © : rezulteo

Enhanced braking

The system sends all tyre pressure, temperature and even tyre identification data information to the vehicle. The interest? Allow the system as a whole to develop the best possible synergy and improve the efficiency of the tyre-car package. Stopping distances would be reduced when braking with the ABS which could adapt to conditions and optimise its operation. This device would also allow the ESP to refine its operation. In short, the system has what is needed to increase the safety level for all drivers. It remains to be seen when this type of technology will reach the mass production world: It is currently only fitted on an experimental Sport Maxx RT tyre. But Dunlop engineers seem confident that it will be launched in the medium term.