Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Eagle 360 Urban: the new version of Goodyear’s concept tyre

Eagle 360 Urban: the new version of Goodyear’s concept tyre

Manufacturers Published the 15/03/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Goodyear revealed the latest version of their futuristic concept tyre: the Eagle 360 Urban, developed from the Eagle 360 concept presented last year.

Eagle_360_Urban_slick The Eagle 360 Urban spherical concept tyre can adapt to all conditions - Copyright © : Goodyear 2017

Looking to the future

Goodyear keeps on innovating. After presenting the Eagle 360 last year, the American tyre manufacturer has surprised us with the Urban version. This spherical tyre follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but this time with artificial intelligence.

The tyre is still at the concept stage, however it is easy to imagine some of the technology used for the 360 being applied to commercial tyres in the future. In any case, Goodyear’s striking spherical tyre was, once again this year, one of the big attractions of the Geneva International Motor Show. Designed for driverless vehicles and powered by artificial intelligence, the tyre has a bionic skin capable of adapting to different road conditions.  

A tyre for all conditions

Intended for increasingly intelligent cars, the Eagle 360 Urban will form part of the vehicle’s “nervous system”. Printed in 3D with a super-elastic polymer, the tyre can gather information about the surrounding environment, road surface and weather conditions and can communicate with navigation systems. The instantaneous processing of information allows the bionic skin to expand and contract depending on driving conditions. The tyre contact surface can morph to add "dimples" for wet conditions and smooth the tread when it’s dry. Goodyear is committed to developing the Internet of Things, and the Eagle 360 Urban will be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and the evolving needs of “Mobility as a Service” for fleets and users. Connectivity with other vehicles, infrastructure and traffic mobility management systems will enable Goodyear’s smart tyre to capture and share information in real time and learn from its actions to optimise future responses.

Eagle_360_Urban_rainCopyright © : Goodyear 2017

But that’s not all: the tyre is also able to automatically self-heal itself without having to stop! Sensors only need to locate the puncture to start the repair process. The tyre then rotates to change the surface in contact with the road. Finally, the damaged area undergoes a chemical reaction to close the puncture.

To see a simulation of how the tyre would work, check out the video below featuring the Eagle 360 Urban fitted on an ISD RUBIKA concept car designed in France.