Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Goodyear CityCube: a concept tyre for the Toyota i-TRIL

Goodyear CityCube: a concept tyre for the Toyota i-TRIL

Manufacturers Published the 21/03/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Goodyear chose the Geneva International Motor Show to unveil its CityCube tyre. This smart tyre has been specially designed for the Toyota i-TRIL concept car.

Goodyear_Citycube The Goodyear CityCube rear wheel tyre with its asymmetric design for the Toyota i-TRIL - Copyright © : Goodyear 2017

Goodyear likes concept tyres. With three futuristic tyres unveiled at Geneva, the American manufacturer has put the focus firmly on innovation. Following the Eagle 360 Urban and the IntelliGrip Urban, the blimp brand has presented the CityCube, a tyre specially designed for Toyota’s car of the future, the i-TRIL, also unveiled at Geneva.

A tailored solution

A very small vehicle, the i-TRIL has been developed as an alternative to city cars or even motorcycles. So for the CityCube, Goodyear has, not surprisingly, drawn its inspiration from the design of motorcycle tyres. The front tyres are tall and narrow, allowing the wheels of the Toyota i-TRIL to tilt. At the rear, the tyres are wider and asymmetric with a harder inside edge to improve cornering stability. 

To meet the technical requirements for Toyota’s concept car, Goodyear has reduced the weight of the CityCube and lowered its rolling resistance. The tyre has fewer grooves on the tread, which increases the surface of the tyre in contact with the road, and consequently reduces wear. This design has the advantage of increasing the tyres’ mileage potential and reducing noise levels when driving around town.

But what makes the CityCube particularly interesting is its multitude of latest generation sensors which allow it to recognise driving conditions. The tyre can transmit a wealth of information to the vehicle in order to support collision prevention systems and enhance driving safety. The Toyota i-TRIL is designed to give us an idea of what city cars could look like in 2030. So there’s very little chance of spotting a CityCube tyre on the road any time soon.