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IntelliGrip Urban: another concept tyre for Goodyear

Manufacturers Published the 16/03/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

After presenting the Eagle 360, the new version of its spherical tyre, Goodyear surprised us with a second unexpected concept: the IntelliGrip Urban. Designed for urban electric vehicle fleets, this tyre could become a reality in the not too distant future.

Goodyear_Intelligrip_Urban_Top Goodyear’s IntelliGrip Urban concept tyre is equipped with internal sensors - Copyright © : Goodyear 2017

Goodyear is on a roll with concept tyres! Alongside the new version of the Eagle 360, the American giant has unveiled the IntelliGrip Urban, a tyre for autonomous electric vehicles intended to give us a glimpse into the brand’s “near” future. The design might look conventional, but the IntelliGrip is in fact a smart tyre equipped with built-in sensors.

The tyre will support autonomous vehicle control systems and improve passenger safety by analysing road and weather conditions. The data collected is sent directly to the vehicle's computer system and used to optimise speed, braking, handling and stability while communicating with other vehicles.

Better tyre management

Although the IntelliGrip has no self-healing properties, it uses “preventative maintenance” to anticipate problems before they occur and proactively warn the vehicle owner. This “all-in-one” solution should help to improve fleet management and reduce operating costs thanks to longer tyre life.

The IntelliGrip’s tall and narrow shape promises lower rolling resistance, increasing the autonomy of electric vehicles while improving aquaplaning performance. This design has allowed Goodyear to decrease the number of grooves on the tyre, extending tyre life and reducing noise levels. With the Intelligrip Urban, the American manufacturer claims to have designed a tyre that can deliver optimum grip in both summer and winter conditions.