Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Frankfurt IAA 2017 : Michelin Acorus, the wheel that bends but doesn’t break

Michelin Acorus: the wheel that bends but doesn’t break

Manufacturers Published the 15/09/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Michelin used the Frankfurt International Motor Show to introduce its new Acorus technology: a flexible wheel developed in partnership with Maxion Wheels.

Michelin_Acorus_profil Michelin’s flexible Acorus wheel could help to extend tyre life. - Copyright © : Michelin

Flexible wheel deals with potholes

From rogue kerbs to pesky potholes...there are any number of road defects that can damage your vehicle’s wheels. Now Michelin, in partnership with wheel manufacturer Maxion, has come up with a new technology designed to reduce the damage caused to tyres and rims by poorly maintained road surfaces.

The French manufacturer has developed a flexible wheel with an alloy rim, which is narrower than usual. Rubber flanges are built into both sides of the rim where it meets the tyre, giving the wheel more flexibility so that it can better absorb impacts.

For Maxion CEO, Pieter Klinkers, the new wheel marks an importance technological advance for vehicle maintenance and safety: “This is a game changer for wheels; a standard wheel driven through a pothole can damage the tyre and potentially crack the alloy rim, putting the safety of driver and passengers at risk. When the Maxion Flexible Wheel hits a pothole, the Michelin Acorus Technology flange flexes and protects the tyre and the wheel”.

Michelin_Acorus_plandecoupeCopyright © : Michelin

Technology to reinforce tyre performance

According to Michelin, the new wheel technology also offers significant benefits for tyres, including improvements to driving comfort and road noise, particularly for small tyres with narrow sidewalls.

The Acorus technology should also extend tyre life by preventing the kinds of damage that can lead to a puncture. Last but not least, the Acorus achieves all this while maintaining a sleek modern design.

Initially the Michelin Acorus wheel will be available exclusively as original equipment for rims of 19-inches and above.

Check out the promotional video for the Michelin Acorus flexible wheel: