Events organised by tyre manufacturers - Michelin equips Renault Symbioz concept car with slimline tyres

Michelin equips Renault Symbioz concept car with slimline tyres

Manufacturers Published the 18/09/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Michelin’s new “slimline” concept tyre was showcased on the distinctive Renault Symbioz at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). This tyre promises to enhance the concept car’s energy efficiency and aerodynamics.

Michelin_Slimline_Renault_Symbioz The Reanult Symbioz concept car is designed to be an extension of the home - Copyright © : Michelin

Slimline: a tall narrow tyre

215/45 R23. This combination of large diameter and narrow profile makes for an unusual tyre size. It is claimed that these “slimline” tyres will have a lower rolling resistance than conventional tyres of the same diameter leading to improved energy efficiency. According to Michelin, the tyres' larger circumference will also mean they undergoes fewer deformations as they rotate, therefore losing less energy. Last but not least, the tyres' finer tread should make them more aerodynamic while providing a sleek aesthetic for the Renault vehicle.

Symbioz: Renault’s audacious concept

What will cars look like in 2030? Renault provided its own prediction at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its Symbioz concept car. At 4.7 metres, long and 2 metres wide, this 100% electric, autonomous and connected vehicle resembles something of a living room on wheels. The Michelin tyres, which add the the finishing touches to the vehicle, are the result of a partnership between the two French manufacturers.

And this is not the first such Renault-Michelin partnership. In 2014, Michelin supplied the tyres for Renault’s Ecolab concept car. These tyres, which were called “tall and narrow” thanks to their large diameter and narrow profile, served as inspiration for Michelin’s latest concept tyre for the Symbioz.