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Michelin Safe & Drive: eCall technology and more

Manufacturers Published the 20/09/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Michelin has presented a new plug-in device, named ‘Safe & Drive’ aimed at providing safety and services for motorists. One feature of this device is an emergency call function.

Michelin_Safe&Drive Michelin’s Safe & Drive device plugs into your lighter socket and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. - Copyright © : Michelin

An easy-to-use eCall system

Safety and services. This is what Michelin is promising with its new Safe & Drive connected mobility solution which includes an eCall function. The system consists of a compact device that can be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and a smartphone application. Once the device is plugged into the car it can detect a crash by measuring sudden changes in vehicle speed. If the collision is judged to be serious, the application will send an alert to the Michelin call centre, which will attempt to contact you. If there is no response, the vehicle’s GPS coordinates and other details will be forwarded to the emergency services. 


A handy travel companion

However Safe & Drive is not just for motoring emergencies, it can also give you helpful tips on the road. Advisors are available by phone or live chat 24/7 to give you any advice you may require on your trip, whether you want to know the local weather forecast, or the nearest car park or service area. Michelin advisors can even recommend a restaurant! Technical support is also available, in the form of a tyre helpline.

Also useful, for those with a forgetful tendency, is the ‘find my car’ function, which saves the last recorded position of your vehicle and can guide you to it.



Michelin ‘Safe & Drive’ will initially only be available to customers in France. However, we wonder how long it will be before this connected mobility solution makes the journey across the channel…watch this space!