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Toyo Tires reveals ‘noair’ airless prototype tyre

Manufacturers Published the 19/09/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Japanese tyre manufacturer, Toyo, has announced that it has developed an airless tyre, appropriately named ‘noair’. This tyre, suitable for electric vehicles, could be available soon.

Toyo_noair_color Toyo is planning to commercialise its ‘noair’ tyre - Copyright © : Toyo Tyres

A tyre that has been years in the making

Toyo has announced that it is in the late stages of developing an alternative solution to classic tyres: a tyre with no air and no rim, with no need for inflatation. Toyo engineers began researching this technology back in 2006 and released a first concept in 2012. Now at last, they have revealed a useable prototype.

Toyo_noairCopyright © : Toyo Tyres

No air, no problems

Toyo’s ‘noair’ concept has 2 distinct parts: 

  • The outer tread, which uses a rubber material to achieve basic tyre performance in terms of handling and braking: what Toyo describes as “drive, turn, stop”.
  • The inner core, which is made up of high-rigidity resin spokes in an X-shaped configuration. This innovative structure makes it possible for the tyre to support the full weight of a vehicle without the use of air.

No air of course means less maintenance and an end to flat tyres. Toyo’s airless tyres will also be better for the environment, thanks to their higher energy efficiency.

According to Toyo, the latest ‘noair’ tyre’s rolling resistance has been reduced by 50% compared with previous prototypes, and is as much as 25% lower than some of the tyres currently sold by the manufacturer.

The Japanese manufacturer concedes that there is still some work to do before the commercial release of the noair tyre, particularly in terms of noise and driving comfort. However, Toyo is confident about the feasibility of these improvements and believes we could be driving on airless tyres in the not so distant future.