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Toyota C-HR: connected by tyres

Manufacturers Published the 09/12/2014 by Julian

The C-HR is the new generation crossover from Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. Developed to be environmentally friendly, all operational aspects have been thought through to improve its efficiency. Starting with its connected tyres!

Toyota and Goodyear at the Motor Show Toyota and Goodyear equip the CH-R, a vehicle with high energy efficiency potential - Copyright © : Goodyear

The CH-R is positioned in a highly competitive market that includes the Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008 … and firmly counts on its high technology focus to stand out from its competitors.

If this crossover is still at the prototype stage, it is a forerunner to replace the current RAV 4. Toyota announces "an agile and engaging drive" while stating that the selected engine is an HSD hybrid. The engine is probably based on the one that equips the Auris and Prius.

Goodyear tyre on the ToyotaCopyright © : Goodyear


The implemented technological solutions are said to be innovative and revolutionary. Just like the tyres, developed jointly with tyre manufacturer Goodyear.

Also at the prototype stage, this tyre aims to be proactive for the vehicle's energy efficiency, notably with the recovery of kinetic energy. It is not yet known if it will operate in the same way as the KERS device found in Formula 1 but it is very likely that the tyre will have an integrated device. A solution that will provide energy that can be used to fuel the electric motor.

Goodyear and the connected tyreCopyright © : Goodyear

It is not yet known whether this type of connected tyre will be chosen for the market rollout, and if it is, in which timeframe. But this line of development opens new perspectives for the tyre, over and above its official functions in terms of safety.

The design of this Goodyear tyre, in the size 255/50 R21, has yet to be finalised.